What’s missing from your learning plan?

How do you keep your employees from leaving?  Do they know that you want them to stay?  Do they know that you want them to get smarter so they can play more important roles over time?  Do they know they have a future at your company?  Maybe it’s time to share your plan.

LearnPlan helps you do just that.  As a cloud service, LearnPlan lets you communicate training and engagement activities with your employees no matter where they are.  You can assign Learning Plans by job role, customize learning plans for each individual, and let your people participate in building a learning plan that makes it hard to leave.

What happens after somebody returns to work after training?  Quite often…nothing.  Training provides great information, and certifications help you meet program requirements, but until somebody puts the information into context it might not have the productivity results as quickly as you would like.

Assigning activities in LearnPlan lets you accelerate the usefulness of training knowledge.  Context meetings, shadowing senior employees, scheduled test prep time, and other activities helps employees make the most of what they learned.

If you are going to go through all the trouble of sharing your plan and promoting engagement activities, then you will probably want to know how successful your efforts are.  Quickly.  At a glance.

With LearnPlan’s At a Glance GAP Analysis you and your employees can easily see how far along they are on completing their Learning Plan.

Many companies also have program requirements that align with partnerships or reselling relationships.  LearnPlan’s At a Glance Program GAP Analysis report lets you proactively manage those learning requirements too.  When it is easy to see what it will take to reach the next program level, you can maximize your discounts and rebates and get the most out of your partnerships.

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