5 Steps to Get Customised Canvas Prints for Your Study Room


As a college going student, your study room is your place to study, relax, and unwind after a long day of classes. Although it can be challenging to create a personalised space which reflects your personality and style while staying within a budget. One easy and affordable way to transform your room is decorate it using custom canvas prints.

Choose the Right Image

When we start thinking about creating customised canvas printing for our study room first step is to choose the right image. You can use photos of yourself, your family or friends or even you can choose your best memories or some motivational quotes. In simple worlds you can choose an image that reflect your personality and that you’ll enjoy looking at every day and inspire you every day.

One thing is important when selecting images, it’s essential to consider size and resolution of photo which you are using. To maintain quality of prints, use higher resolutions photographs for printing your photos onto canvas. For best quality of canvas printing, it’s highly advisable to use minimum 300 DPI image quality for best results.

Design Your Canvas Prints

Once you’ve selected your images now move to second step which is designing your canvas prints. Easiest way to start a searching online canvas printing services which offer a simple interface to upload and customise your images according to your choice. You can adjust the size, colour and orientation of your images to fit your canvas print’s dimensions with just few clicks.

Some services provider even allows you to add some text or clip art or other designing elements to your canvas prints to make them complete customised. You can also consider adding your name or favourite quote or inspirational message to your canvas printing to give it a personalised touch.

Choos the Best Canvas Size

Now when you customised your canvas print your move to next step where you have to choose the right size and shape of your canvas prints considering the available wall space in your study room. If you have limited wall space than choosing a smaller canvas print may be a better choice. However, if you have a larger room or want to make a bold statement than larger canvas prints might be a great choice.

Printing Your Canvas Print

It’s most important part of whole process to choosing best and reliable with budgets friendly canvas printer near you or online. Printing your canvas print online is a convenient and hassle-free way to create your favourite photos into stunning pieces of artwork.

One of the biggest advantages of printing your canvas print online is the vast range of options available to you online. Some online printing services use high quality materials and printing techniques to ensure that your canvas print looks just as good as the original image you can also read some reviews before ordering your canvas.

Perfect Display for your Canvas Prints

Finally, once your photo is printed on canvas and have arrived, it’s time to display them in your room perfectly. You can hang them directly on the wall using picture hangers or you can use a stand or frame to display them on a desk or shelf according to your choice. Choosing perfect wall to hang your canvas will be game changer in all process as presentation is very important part of any decoration so choose clean and matching colour wall for your canvas.

So, it’s very easy but tricky to decorating your study room with customised canvas prints and they are an affordable and easy to transform your room into a personalised and stylish. If you choose a right image and get printed on canvas you can create a unique and inspiring environment to study and relaxing your mood. So, be creative and start designing your custom canvas prints for your room today!

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