A Step-by-Step Admission Process Guide at SJCP


Saint John’s Catholic Prep or SJCP is known as an outstanding private high school in Frederick, Maryland. It is a premier community that teaches, guides, and helps their students to be the best they can be and become leaders in the future. As a great Catholic community, their teachers do not forget to also impart to them the importance of having a good heart and discerning spirit to their students. These attributes will carry them into the future they desire to be. As long as they set their heart and mind to it, it will surely happen.

One of the best things about SJCP is its program which sets them apart from other high schools. For students or parents looking for a school that offers a college preparatory program, this is the best choice and on top of the line. There is no doubt that their students will pass into admission and even scholarship programs as they go to college. This simply shows how they wanted a good future for their students. That is why their programs are anchored with the best programs, giving students a different sense of community that sets them apart from everyone.

Admission Process Guide at SJCP

For those who have an interest in SJCP, feel free to complete the Admissions Inquiry Form posted on their official website. Just be guided that this online form is for students who desire to enroll in this educational institution. If there are other general inquiries, just contact the Directory of Enrollment Management. Next, kindly schedule a visit through their Admissions Portal. Just click the link and it will lead you to a log-in process. Make sure to follow the instructions.

  • The next step is the application to SJCP. Please be guided about the 2024-2025 application fees:
  • $65 until December 15, 2023, while $80 after December 15, 2023.
  • For Teacher Recommendation, it is available in the Admissions Portal.
  • The transcript and Information Release Form, it is also available in the Admissions Portal.
  • For the Placement Test, it is scheduled on December 09, 2023. If there are further inquiries, feel free to contact the Admissions Office. Rest assured that they will immediately answer every raised concern.
  • Then, there will be scheduled Prospective Student Interviews on the following dates: January 17, 18, 22, and 23. Ensure that you sign up on the Admissions Portal.
  • Please be guided that they offer Financial Aid and Scholarships. Kindly refer to the Admissions Portal too.

Every progress of the student application is available in the Admissions Portal anytime. Make sure to visit it and if there are inquiries, like saint john’s prep tuition, feel free to raise it without hesitation.

Student Life at SJCP

For those students who desire to enroll and learn here at SJCP, rest assured that everyone will receive a quality education that will help them be the leaders they aspire to be shortly.

Knowing that education is the best investment that every parent can give to their children, ensure that they are enrolled in a trusted school that provides the best possible education nowadays.

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