About Us

Compass is now Borderless Learning

We started Compass to help our students find the right direction for their continuing education. Seven years later the new way of learning brings people together to share knowledge, regardless of location or borders. We are grateful for the loyalty and support of our students and partners, and look forward to providing more benefits and more access to live interaction with instructors under our new Borderless Learning brand. Knowledge is borderless. Learn anywhere.
~ Jules Trono, President & CEO

Our Mission

Our mission is to make learning available anywhere, anytime, so you can easily get the information you need when you need it.

About Us

Borderless Learning is a company full of people that are passionate about helping you learn about products and skills that make your job easier. We also want to help you achieve and maintain certifications that are necessary to win and perform work.
Cisco, CompTIA, EC Council, ITIL, Juniper, Microsoft, NetAPP,
Pexip, PMP, Polycom, Resilia, VMware and others…
Our unique Borderless Learning Programs are a blended approach of live and electronic on-demand learning covering today’s most important certifications, products and skills. Collaboration tools and mobility make this possible by giving us the ability to pool our resources and allowing you to choose how you want to spend your most precious commodity – your time. In addition to these groundbreaking programs we offer traditional 1-week training classes and custom focused classes.
The Borderless Learning difference is that we know that you need the best of all worlds:
  • Interaction with live instructors, who can answer questions and put things into a context that applies to you
  • Learning things at your own pace, at a time that is convenient to you
  • Accessing current information as it becomes available, not just a 1-time data dump that is quickly out-of-date
  • Continuing to achieve higher levels of expertise throughout your career
  • Using video libraries full of 5 Minute Learning Lessons that help you use productivity tools like Microsoft Word, Excel & Powerpoint, as well as learn about advanced technical knowledge and skills like Data Security and Project Management
  • Public seat training is GTR with 3 students
  • 6 month resit if needed (Students to bring their materials back to class)
  • 1 day refresher/update course for both the CIVND and VTVS2 classes – $500 for returning students. $800 for students that did not taken the class with us originally but now need a refresher.
  • Latest versions and labs
  • World renowned Instructors with military security clearances
We are thrilled to help you learn anywhere. Start today
Borderless Learning was founded in 2008 under the Compass Business Solutions brand by industry professionals who have been working with telecommunication and video technologies since 1989 and who helped launch Tandberg University in the USA in 2006, becoming Cisco’s first authorized TelePresence Specialist Learning Partner. In 2016 we are rebranding as Borderless Learning to align our brand with our philosophy. Headquartered in Nevada, Borderless Learning provides training globally.

Borderless Learning
Formerly Compass Business Solutions
2850 West Horizon Ridge Pkwy
Suite 200
Henderson, NV 89052

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