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Nowadays, it is vital to have a job to survive. For you to live, you need to work harder. To look for work whether temporary or permanent,  that will provide for your daily needs. Though there are many opportunities in the job industry. Still, many people are finding it hard to get a particular job.

With the high unemployment rates globally, it is not easy to find new work. Companies are strict on the screening process in hiring the right skill set. Globalization has made companies move their operations, products, and technology. Into new markets for them to maintain competitive growth. The global economy has transformed, so making hiring and recruiting the right talent. For the right job is a lot more difficult.

Any form of recruiting tasks such as executive search. Permanent placement, and temporary staffing. Will be outside of your main business functions. This is where the singapore job agency takes place. They do the recruitment every day.

What is a Singapore Job Agency?

Singapore job agencies play an important role in matching hiring companies. With ultimately increasing productivity. Of their workforce, and candidates of the right skills. The job agency has gained the respect and trust of top corporate businesses. By corresponding talented individuals with improved job opportunities in different fields.

An employment agency in Singapore is a company that provides other companies. With their staffing needs and their recruitment. Normally, they serve as the middle party between a potential employee and employer. An employment agency could be occupied in the placement of locals. As well as foreign candidates beginning from junior level positions. To top-level executives.

All employment agencies in Singapore need an Employment Agency License (EAL). Before starting their business activities. It is the basic license needed for all categories of recruitment agencies. And is controlled by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore.

Benefits of Job Agencies

  • Full Support- a job agency communicates with both the job seekers and employers. They will look for available job vacancies. Who is best to fill them, they offer support to the candidates as well as the clients too.
  • Faster Hiring Process- using a job agency can faster the time it takes to find a new employee. When using an agency, you give them the details about the role as well as hiring time. Because the job agency is already set up, you won’t need to shortlist candidates. They handle the whole process that will save you a lot of hassle.
  • Higher Quality Candidates- it’s hard to go look for candidates. Especially if you need high-quality candidates. Agency recruiters are experts and good in candidate selection. They are well-trained to assess candidates.

Labor Laws Through Agency Liability

Companies that are using temporary staffing agencies. Need to ensure that those agencies follow all applicable laws. Spelled out in federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Controlling treatment of employees in the workplace. Some states have extra rules that apply to situations. Where temporary workers are being deployed. There is also a necessary federal tax code that applies if a staffing agency sends workers.

If you’re looking for jobs in a particular industry. You can check out the job recruitment agencies which only specialize in a few industries.

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