How Many Peers per Neighbor Zone

A Student asks, “How Many Peers per Neighbor Zone?” Question:  How many peers can you configure per neighbor zone? You said the answer is 6, but I was thinking the answer is 5. If you are VCS1, then you can peer to VCS2, VCS3, VCS4, VCS5 and VCS6  – 5 peers. Please can you clarify. […]

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Cisco Meeting Server Dial-In Instructions

Cisco Meeting Server Dial-In Instructions.  Question: Is there a trick to getting the functionality to work on the Cisco Meeting Server? Answer: As far as being able to call in to a space using “conferenceID@domain”, the configuration should be pretty simple. First, navigate to Configuration > incoming calls and create the domain you want to be able to use. Be […]

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Cisco Meeting Server VM Installation

Cisco Meeting Server VM Installation – Many people are trivialized about how the Cisco Meeting Server is initially installed. First it is important to understand the options available for the Cisco Meeting Server. You can purchase the Cisco Meeting Server as an appliance or a virtual machine. A third option is to upgrade a Cisco Mutiparty […]

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Cisco Meeting Server Components

When working with the Cisco Meeting Server, it is important to understand that there are two layers to the this solution: a Platform layer and an Application layer. The Platform layer is configured through the Mainboard Management Processor (MMP). The MMP is used for low level bootstrapping and configuration. It presents a command line interface. […]

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