Borderless Learning FLEX Account

As your Learning Solutions Partner Borderless Learning strives to help you map out training plans for you or your team while staying flexible, and within the allocated budget. We’ve put together a Prepaid Flex Account to help maximize the training budgets associated with skill development, certification requirements and professional services.

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The Borderless Learning FLEX Account is a flexible easy to use program that enables you to choose how you allocate funds from your yearly training budget and/or project budgets.

Determine the discount level based on the amount of your initial deposit.

Use the Borderless Learning FLEX Account for the following services:

  • Skills and Certification Training
  • Custom Training Courses: Create Courses to align with your identified training/project objectives
  • Professional Services: Consulting, Needs Assessment, Skills Gap Analysis, Enablement Services and Programs for Technology and Service providers, Custom Webinars and Webcasts

With the Borderless Learning FLEX Account, you can lock in savings to maximize your budgets.


  • Flexibility and Manageability
  • Easy to purchase and administer
  • Can be used for training up to 12 months after purchase
  • Simplify multiple training requests with only one order
  • Use Funds for any modality of Training or Professional and Consulting Services
  • Receive quarterly statements to track what training or services are being purchased


  • Use the Borderless Learning FLEX Account to purchase Training in any modality or Professional and Consulting Services
  • Choose your Training delivery method:
    • Live Classroom
    • Virtual
    • Virtual Flex
    • Self-Paced Web
    • Self-Paced Video
    • Private/Custom On-site
  • Lock-in volume discounts up front; Secure your yearly training budget
  • Add to the balance of your Borderless Learning FLEX Account at any time and continue to utilize the set discounts
  • A great way to use your yearly training budget effectively

How it Works

Borderless Learning FLEX Account

  • Work with a Borderless Learning Account Manager to customize the FLEX Account discount structure around your training budget and needs.
  • Sign the Borderless Learning FLEX Account agreement to confirm your purchase
  • Work with your Borderless Learning Account Manager to to book training or professional services using the Borderless Learning FLEX Account funds
  • Receive monthly and quarterly statements or request statements as needed to view your account activity.

Receive monthly usages reports that will provide the following information:

  • What training courses were booked and delivered in the previous months
  • Who attending the training
  • How the training was delivered
  • What professional services were purchased and delivered
  • Accurate real-time balance

General Terms & Conditions: Contact your Borderless Learning Account Manager to discuss the Terms and Conditions of the Borderless Learning FLEX Account program