Financial Aid

  Borderless Learning gives back!

There are different ways to get financial assistance for training and education. Borderless Learning is happy to contribute to your learning efforts with the programs below.

Workforce Development

Many states offer reimbursement to companies that invest in training for their employees. If your company spends more than $50,000 in training for employees in the same state, there may be reimbursement funds available.

ASVTS Scholarship

Deadline September 15, 2017
The Armed Services Visual Technology Scholarship enables current and former military personnel to pursue a career in visual communications by providing scholarships for courses in the visual telecommunication industry and mentoring recipients for job identification and placement.

Future of Learning Scholarship

Deadline June 30, 2017
The future of learning scholarship lets students tell us about their perspective of learning. Borderless Learning has partnered with GameSalad to provide the tools you need to create the learning approach of the future.