How Do You Know If You Need A Recruitment And Selection System?


A system of recruitment and selection of personnel is necessary when the team or department responsible for the task is inefficient. And we must look abroad for employees who fulfill their responsibilities and are produced daily.

This implies, for example:

  • Delays in candidate search processes
  • Calling unsuitable candidates for the company
  • Disorganization in curriculum management

In addition to other symptoms that delay the whole process and translate into economic losses. Specifically, at least five symptoms help you recognize when you need to have an r&s system.

These are the following:

Manual Publication Of A Large Number Of Jobs Offers

Through technology and the development of tools such as recruitment software, it is possible to systematize the dissemination of job offers on dozens of websites without publishing the vacancy on each. Here we are talking about multi-posting.

Recruitment And Selection Software (ATS)

This generates time savings with the efficient management of the dissemination of job offers. In this way, the Human Resources (HR) team or department can focus on other areas related to the company’s call for candidates.

Recruitment And Selection System With Multi-Posting

Being able to manage applications directly is a competitive advantage and, in turn, contributes to building brand image. The fact that candidates find surveys on your company’s website says a lot about the seriousness, commitment, and organizational structure.

Duplicate Applications, a Sign You Need a Recruiting System

Without global control over job postings, the Human Resources department will likely receive duplicate applications. This results in lost time and efficiency during the process. A selection system such as education recruitment agencies London for example allows the entire process to be standardized and processed properly to avoid duplication. If a candidate applies for different positions, his CV is not lost.

Lack Of Planning For Job Interviews

In the face of the flood of applications, the selection process and interview step can be complicated if you don’t have a proper application management tool. An online recruitment and selection system facilitates these tasks through a synchronized calendar so parties can adapt to their convenience.

Inefficiency During Resume Screening

CV screening is when the received CVs are analyzed, and the candidates that best fit the job offer and corporate philosophy are chosen. When there are few resumes to select candidates, there is no problem. However, the larger the company and the more applications it receives, the more necessary the help of a recruitment and selection system will be.

Killer Questions For Recruitment

The curriculum screening of a selection system analyzes the tags and keywords of each curriculum and selects the best candidates according to previously established criteria.

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