How Many Peers per Neighbor Zone

A Student asks, “How Many Peers per Neighbor Zone?”


How many peers can you configure per neighbor zone? You said the answer is 6, but I was thinking the answer is 5.

If you are VCS1, then you can peer to VCS2, VCS3, VCS4, VCS5 and VCS6  – 5 peers. Please can you clarify.


I see the logic behind why you think five peers is the answer. The problem is you would never neighbor a VCS to itself. Six VCSs can be peered together in a cluster. If I had a VCS of one, and I wanted to neighbor my your to your cluster of 6, I could put all 6 peer addresses in the neighbor zone. The same is true if I was neighboring my cluster of 6 VCSs to your cluster of 6 VCSs.