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Sometimes we need a little bit of energy which helps us to connect with our creative selves or the creative energy. Once we understand the creative energy, we can open ourselves to the magic of the universe.  Being aware of the creative and healing forces of the universe is the best way to take care of your physical and mental health. When we make the effort to connect meditation with mindfulness, then unconsciously we invite the gift of abundance into our lives. Meditation has a lot of benefits not only for our mental health, but it is also equally beneficial for our physical health as well. It not only refreshes our body but also decreases the stress and anxiety levels in our minds. Peace, Love, and Meditation are the keys to open the doors so that a person could achieve a higher self.

Here are some practices that could help a person to achieve their higher self.

Practices that could help a person to become a creative and positive person


  • Creating a Space: Be it a guided meditation or you are trying to practice meditation on your own accord to achieve a higher self, you need a space for yourself where you can bring your thoughts and feelings together. While meditating you are knocking the doors of wisdom present with your inner self. To achieve that you have to make your mind quiet so that all the channels of your thoughts are opened. It is very important to create a proper spiritual atmosphere before you start your meditation. Flowers, music, candles, anything that is a source of joy to you should be used to create a realm.

  • Be careful of how you breathe: The time we focus on meditation, we become very conscious of our breathing. You start to inhale deeply. This deep breathing process in turn helps in cleansing the entire body. As the cleansing starts, try to feel how the process feels from head to toe and observe if you are having any kind of discomfort. When you inhale, think of the opportunities you have in front of you and also count on your dreams and desires. When you exhale, breathe out the negativity and all the depressive feelings that you have inside you. As you control your breathing, you will have the satisfactory feeling of your insides being cleansed.

  • Keep a check on your thoughts: As you concentrate your meditation, focus on the thoughts that you often have. There is no need to judge or label the thoughts. Just let the thoughts flow freely in your mind, allow all kinds of thoughts to pass your mind. There is no need to try to take control of your thinking process. If your mind becomes too crowded by thoughts, get up and walk for thirty seconds. After that sit down to meditate in a new direction. The flowing of thoughts allows the thinking process to re-energize itself and as you can delve deeper in your thoughts with the passing time you learn to understand the source from which the thoughts initiated and you can then heal the source.

  • Do not be too harsh on yourself: Allow the positive energy that you are drawing from your surroundings and your positive spirit to help you. If you could not draw positivity from the surroundings around you, there is no need to blame yourself, take it on your ego or be too judgemental of yourself. All these are considered to be hindrances in the path of a person who is trying to achieve his higher self. You need to act like a gatekeeper and let only positivity in. There is no room for negativity to enter your mind. Similarly, remove all doubts and fears from your mind. This prepares your mind and body to realize the gift of abundance and divine prosperity that you derive from meditation.

  • Affirm whatever you desire: Take a diary or a paper which you would store in a secret place and write down all those things that you want from your higher self as you embark on this spiritual journey of finding your creative and positive nature. Write the wishes not in the future tense but the present tense, as though you are witnessing the manifestation. You can also write about goals, dreams, and desires that you want to achieve in the future, write about the wishes that you want to be fruitful. Do not sort out wishes into big or small. All kinds of manifestations have their place in your dream diary.

Last but not least, write about what you would feel when you have achieved all the goals and had discovered your higher self.




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