How to select the best academic journal for manuscript publication?


Many factors have to be considered while selecting the best academicjournal for manuscript publication. The most important factor is the scope and audience of the academic journal. Before writing the manuscript, the author must consider the target audience of the academic journal. The results could be applicable in a clinical setting or they could be purely theoretical. Therefore, the authors should carefully review the “Instructions to Authors” to understand whether their article fits into the scope of the academic journal.

The wordcount limit, the number of figures, the number of reference citations, etc. differ according to the editorial policies of the academic journal. Only case reports may be published in some academic journals, while a very complex study may not be published in aacademic journal that restricts the number of figures to only 5 in a manuscript. Similarly, a literature review cannot be published in anacademic journal that allows only 30 reference citations. Therefore, academic journal requirements have to be considered before selecting aacademic journal for publication.

Most top academic journals of international repute have very strict standards for accepting a manuscript. Therefore, the acceptance rate of the academic journal is another factor that needs to be considered before submitting a manuscript for publication. After carefully writing a manuscript that strictly complies with the guidelines of aacademic journal, the authors should make sure to enquire with the managing editor of the academic journal. For this purpose, they should draft a cover letter that impresses the academic journal editor.

Another important factor is the “publication time” of academic journals. Some academic journals may take months to proceed from the submission step to the publication process. Most academic journals indicate the time expended from submission to publication. If this information is not provided on the academic journal’s website, then the authors make an enquiry with the academic journal’s editor. Authors who wish to rapidly disseminate the results of their study always look out for “publication time” of academic journals.

The impact factor of the academic journal is always considered before submitting a manuscript for publication. In Japan and European universities, academics who publish their work in high-impact academic journals get an extended tenure of employment and better research grants. The impact factor of the academic journal indicates the significance of the academic journal in a particular field of study. Every year, Thomson Reuters ranks the academic journals according to their impact factor. However, impact factor cannot be the sole criterion for selecting aacademic journal for manuscript publication. PageRank and Eigenfactor are other important metrics that reflect the influence of aacademic journal in a particular field of study.


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