How to Write a Research Paper


A research paper is a scientific work that is aimed at studying a topic, researching it, conducting experiments, searching and setting patterns, analyzing and summarizing information, and at the end summing up making conclusions about the project. You can learn more about this kind of academic work below.

As soon as the student is given an assignment, he or she needs to immediately familiarize yourself with it and, if you have any questions, ask your supervisor. The principles of writing this kind of work are the following:

  • Choosing a topic. The space for the choice of the topic can be very broad. However, sometimes it can be given by a teacher.
  • Problem statement. Within the research topic, it is important to highlight specific concepts and find a problem, as well as criteria for its solution. You can consult with the teacher in advance about the choice of the goal of your paper.
  • After this, you need to search for Study material. It can start from textbooks and scientific articles, and end with electronic resources, data of enterprises, regulations, etc. 
  • Moreover, in order to logically process and build a research paper material, the student needs to follow the typical structure of such a project.


Before the student’s work begins to be written, it is important to find the topic in which he will be interested and not difficult to understand. In some educational institutions, a teacher selects the topic for each student, while in others, there is a free choice. It is not worth exploring those areas and topics that have lost their relevance 5 years ago or longer. Let the research paper be useful and demanded work here and now, taking into account modern society and the development of science.


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