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ITI Technical College provides intensive training in instrumentation technology that will allow you to join your leisure field. There is a great deal to understand, but we will provide you with connections to highly qualified mentors and hands-on instruction to educate you about the environment you are about to join. Give us a call if you are ready to find out what you need to get started. We provide professional preparation with real business expertise from teachers. Do not let budget restrictions stop you from approaching us-for those who apply; financial assistance is available. Expand your horizons as well as your future!

When new or unexpected circumstances occur, incumbents at this stage undergo only sporadic guidance or support and are well informed of the operational procedures and policies. Upon completion, work is checked for soundness, appropriateness, and adherence to policy and criteria. This designation is distinct from the Park Foreman in that the latter is responsible for doing the more complicated work and works in a lead capacity over the park crews.

Amusement Park Software

Amusement parks, amusement parks, water parks, and zoos run by the city need maintenance management to ensure a secure and competent public service. Constant preventive maintenance is required for rides and other facilities, including animal enclosures. In the off-season, the amusement park’s rehabilitation intensifies as tear-down and renovation take place, and inventories of components and instrument management become critical cost-saving considerations. To solve these crucial problems for theme parks, amusement parks, and other related services, the MAPCON computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) program is best suited.

The platform for MAPCON Amusement Park Maintenance Management is structured to minimize sensitivity to danger and unscheduled downtime. MAPCON includes preventative maintenance tools for amusement parks and theme parks to plan maintenance, checks, and job orders. To optimize machinery uptime and limit injuries and hazardous situations, MAPCON CMMS is filled with preventive maintenance and protection enforcement features. MAPCON’s Theme Park operation includes all potential properties, from facilities, structures, and mega-rides to cars, electric motors, toilets, and plumbing.


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