Intricate Details About BMAT Exam And GED 


If you are looking forward to gathering more information about different exams such as the BMAT exam or want to know where to study GED (เรียน GED ที่ไหนดี, which is the term in Thai), then you have landed at the right place, as here we will help you with the same. You can get intricate details about everything. You no longer will be required to hop from one link to the other, as get ready to read about A-Z information here. Let’s get started. 

Details About Bmat Exam 

BMAT exam (BioMedical Admissions Test) is a very popular exam. This 2-hour exam is a pre-requisite for very few dental, medical, and veterinary schools. The exam is an aptitude exam that tests the test taker’s aptitude and overall basic logical skills. There are a total of three sections in this exam, and each section tests the following: 

  • Section 1: 

This is the section of the BMAT exam (ข้อสอบ bmat, term in Thai) which tests an individual’s skills based on questions related to problem-solving, understanding of the arguments, analysis of the complex data, and drawing inferences from it. In 60 minutes, the individual will be required to answer 32 questions.  

  • Section 2: 

This section tests the individual’s ability to apply their technical knowledge. These are details which are covered in chapters of class 16 students in Science and Mathematics subjects. In 30 minutes, the individual will be required to answer 27 questions.  

  • Section 3: 

This section tests the ability of an individual to develop, organize and communicate their ideas in the writing form very concisely. In this section, the individual will be required to write an essay, and for this, they would be given three topics to choose from. In 30 minutes, the test taker will have to complete the section.  

What Is GED, And Where To Study GED? 

If you are wondering about where to study GED, then catch your answer here. GED (General Educational Development Test) is a test when the student has not got their diploma. Hence, we all know that diplomas are important for students, and at every step, the students will be required to submit their diploma, be it for their higher studies, or be it while they start working. If a student does not get the diploma certificate, they can always take the GED test, which states that the student has completed high school education.


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