Tips and Tricks on Writing a Good Conclusion


A conclusion is a final of every text that must sum up all the information and make it easy to understand for a reader. It’s very important to give the final part of the paper the right way, that’s why we prepared some useful pieces of advice on conclusion examples.

How to write a conclusion

  • Firstly, make a draft version of your conclusion. Does it answer the main question of the whole text? Make the final part a direct reply on every subject mentioned in the article. Leave no doubts for readers on the facts or thoughts used in the paper. Remember about it from the very start to expose your ideas much clearer.
  • Make a plan for your article and pick the main points from it into the conclusion. It doesn’t mean that you must accommodate everything in the ending part – only the main thoughts that are the most important for the text. If you have a clear vision of the primary statements, it will be easy to conclude them in the final.
  • The next step is to go back to the intro part of the text. What it was about? After finishing the paper, it’s a good decision to return to the start. It would be a proper way to begin the conclusion with the first tackled theme. Also, sometimes you can logically complete the opening idea of the article.

As an example, writing a paper about how small is humanity in the whole universe, you will give many facts and develop a lot of thoughts related to the main subject. Making the final part of the article, you may return to the first question and based on all mentioned information state that the size of the universe is getting smaller with the developments of humanity.

Also, it’s always good to relate your topic with a wider theme covering much more fields and branches of your subject.

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