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These are our top requested professional development and employee retention offers.  Want to use Learning Credits?  Great news…we can help you use them for the training you really need!

#1 Request – Employee Retention and Engagement

With the cost of replacing a skilled worker at anywhere from 90% to 200% of their salary, our number one request is for assistance in engaging and retaining employees.  LearnPlan helps you simplify that process.

If you want your employees to stay

If you want them to acquire relevant skills

If you want to grow them into to valuable jobs that make a difference in your business

Ask us about the tools that help you upscale talent and keep them onboard.

#1 Requested Training – SDWAN

If you are having trouble finding Cisco SDWAN training using the most current technology, we’re happy to say you found it here.  Check out this course which was updated in March of 2019.  ICSDWAN Implementing and Configuring Cisco SDWAN

#2 Requested Training – Python

No, this is not about snakes.  Python enables network automation.  These are the courses in highest demand.

Python Foundations for Network Engineers

IPWSP-NE Introducing Python and Web Services Programmability for Network Engineers

IPWSP-ACI – Introduction to Python and Web Services Programming for ACI

IPWSP-CE 1.0 – AWS Focused, Introduction to Python and Web Services Protocols for Cloud Engineers

#3 Requested Training – SE Network Programmability Bootcamp

If you need to become literate in the field of network automation and network programmability, check out this course! SE Network Programmability Bootcamp

#4 Requested Training – Meraki

What on earth is Meraki???  If you are utilizing a Cisco Meraki solution, you need to know this.  Here’s how you learn about Meraki Firewalls, Switches, Access Points, and Cameras.

ICMT Implementing and Configuring Meraki Technologies

ICM-WA Installing and Configuring Meraki MR Wireless Aps

ICM-MXSA Installing and Configuring Meraki MX Security Appliances

ICM-SA Installing and Configuring Meraki MS Switch Appliances

#5 Requested Training – CCIE everything

CCIE certification is one of the most challenging and most valuable certifications.  The hardest part can be finding the time to invest in preparing for the exam.  That’s why the Zero to Hero programs (16 Saturdays) are so popular.  They prepare you for an intense bootcamp week prior to the exams.

CCIE Security V5 Bootcamp

CIERS I – CCIE Routing & Switching End-to-End Boot Camp V.5

CCIE Data Center Bootcamp V2.1

CCIE Service Provider V4 Bootcamp

#6 Requested Training – Cisco TelePresence and Collaboration

Need the best collaboration classes? We have them! These courses were created to make sure you have the exact knowledge you need for Cisco TelePresence and Collaboration.

Cisco TelePresence Endpoint Installation, Configuring and Troubleshooting v2.0 (TEICT-CT)

Implementing Jabber with VCS-Expressway and MRA (JABBER-CT)

Implementing and Configuring Cisco TelePresence Video Suite (AdvancedTP-CT)

CCNA Collaboration Bootcamp (CICD/CIVND)

If you are looking for Tetration, DNA, Microsoft Cloud or other advanced training, those are popular too.  If you need help with technology, product or business practice Adoption services, we can help you.
Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find what you need.