Why Is It So Necessary To Study English Nowadays?


More and more people are appropriating themselves with English learning as a second language nowadays. Many nations have English as part of their school curriculum, and children learn English at a very young age. So what is the real point of learning English?

Whatever your reason for learning English, whether you’re looking for a new job or planning a trip worldwide, speaking English can help you make personal and professional growth. As a result, you can thrive in the global job market, improve your professional abilities, and meet new people from around the globe.

Do you, on the other hand, understand why learning English is so important? Here are compelling reasons to enrol in an app for learning English.

 What made English so important?

It’s clear how vital English is all over the world. Many worldwide corporations hold meetings in English, colleges provide English courses, and visitors and travellers utilise English as a common language worldwide.

But how did English grow to be so influential? It all stems from the British Empire, which spanned 25% of the earth’s surface at its peak. During colonial times, British monarchs frequently forced colonial subjects to use English rather than their local tongue. Although English’s history as a worldwide language is complicated, the language has had a significant impact on journalism, commerce, and enterprise. If you’re still undecided about learning the language, consider the following arguments.

 The Top Six Benefits to Study English:

  1. The English language is spoken in many countries around the world:

The most widely spoken language on the planet is English. One out of every five people can converse in English or at least comprehend it!

  1. Learning English can assist you in obtaining employment:

Sciences, aircraft, computing, politics, and travel all use English. Therefore, knowing English improves your chances of landing a decent job in a multinational organisation in your country or another one of your choice.

  1. Learning English can assist you in making new friends:

English is the official language of 53 nations, and people speak this language worldwide as a lingua franca (commonly understood language). It means that learning English may help you communicate with individuals from all around the world, whether you’re working in China or travelling in Rio.

  1. English is used in a lot of scientific studies:

The number of scientific articles written in English has begun to outnumber those reported in the researcher’s home tongue in the recent century. The ratio in the Netherlands, for example, is a startling 40 to 1. As a result, anyone working in the scientific area must have a strong command of the English language.

  1. The media industry’s language is English:

Because of Hollywood’s dominance in the worldwide media, many movies, TV shows, and popular songs are in English. So you won’t have to rely on captions or translations to enjoy your favourite novels, music, movies, or television episodes if you speak English.

  1. English is the Internet’s primary language:

English is a fundamental language on the Internet, with more than half of its information written in the language. Furthermore, English-speaking countries are home to some of the world’s largest tech corporations.

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