Why is an international preschool the best choice for parents in Singapore?


There comes a time when your children become more active, curious, and energetic. They need an outlet to channel this energy into something fun or even educational. Your children would want to play as well with other kids of the same age and make friends. This is when you should consider enrolling them to a good child care centre.

In a preschool, your children can further develop physically and mentally with the different activities they can participate in. They usually have big spaces for outdoor fun like sandpit and playground and indoor areas for various activities like doing artworks.

Now, the question is, should a parent consider an international school Singapore has to offer? Let us help you make the decision. Here are some of the things that will make you choose an international school in Singapore.

Environment and Ambience

A preschool should have a very welcoming atmosphere so the children will be encouraged to go there every day. At the same time, it allows them to be relaxed and to adjust to the new surroundings, making learning for them much easier and engaging.

An international preschool hits this mark on the center. It provides a home-like feel so the children will not be alienated. There are usually several artworks posted on the walls for the children to look at and be proud of.

They can also play and learn without too much supervision, making them freer in discovering new things, whether it is building Lego pieces or safely landing when riding the slides on the playground. In addition, an international preschool is usually larger than other child care centres in Singapore.

Selection of Food

Kids are generally picky eaters. Sometimes, it is even a challenge to feed them when they are eating outside their homes. This is one of the things that an international school in Singapore can address. It has a wide set of menus that would appeal to the children, even though they are picky eaters.

At the same time, an international school takes into account the dietary needs of the children and even allergies. It understands that children have different needs, and even wants, when it comes to food. After all, your children’s health is top priority.


Being able to converse in two or more languages can be very beneficial, especially at a time when the world is heading globalization. If you want your children to learn another language other than their mother tongue, enrolling them in an international school may be ideal. Your children can be more proficient with English given that many are English speakers there. They can interact with them and be fluent with the language. You can also enroll them in basic language courses offered in the international school.

Enroll your kids in one of the best preschools in Singapore today. Reach out to Pegasus International Preschool for more information.

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