Why Invest In Data Science?


Still, wondering why there is so much investment in Data Science? Check best data science training in Bangalore. It is not very difficult to get the answer to that.

Overview Of Demand For Data Scientists

In recent years, data scientists have seen an increase in demand for their skills in the market. According to a report published by McKinsey in 2011, in the United States alone, the need to import between 140,000 and 190,000 professionals in the field was already detected.

We were already in 2018, so, indeed, that perspective has changed, right? It is correct who assumes that the answer is yes. But the truth is that demand has stabilized.

In August, the 2018 LinkedIn Workforce Report was published by the social network. One of the main points we can perceive is the demand for at least 151,717 data scientists among the major American cities.

New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles are some places that need Data Scientists most. You can see this phenomenon by doing a simple search on the internet. Job sites Indeed show a considerable volume of data-driven jobs. Whoever is looking for a job opportunity, finds the profession attractive, or wants to change areas can find in Data Science the chance to do all this.

The industry will open up a lot of space for these professionals in the years to come, as some companies are only getting acquainted with Data Science.

We can verify this with last year’s LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report. Amid emerging careers, engineers working with Machine Learning, Data Scientists, and Big Data engineers are some of the professionals who have found the most opportunities in Industry 4.0. If we focus only on data scientists, we will notice that the demand for them has increased by 650% since 2012.

The Role Of Companies In This Scenario

How do companies stay in this equation? They are the ones that drive this demand for Data Science, and that can see more benefits in it, being the clear visualization of new opportunities.

Businesses betting on Data Science can better handle the data they have and find valuable insights to position themselves in the market better. They can compare the initiatives they have taken with the results they have achieved and understand how to replicate successes and avoid failures.

Above all, they tend to understand their operations better and adjust them for the 21st century. Data Science is also critical for organizations to solve problems more efficiently and to be able to make actionable decisions more quickly.

Whether you are a professional interested in better understanding Data Science and meeting the demands of this market, be a company that needs intelligent solutions to obtain better returns, investing in the area is a way to prepare for the future.

Billions of terabytes of information are generated by companies and people every day in structured, unstructured, and semi-structured information. It is up to the data scientist to understand and exploit them to serve their purpose.

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