How to easily crack the ICSE board Examination?


Every kid will start their school life from the nursery. Up to the 10th standard, they would be worried about examinations and marks. When they come to the 10th standard, teachers and parents will be noticed and given importance to get a high mark in their board exams. The truth is that the ICSE board examination is difficult to crack, and it needs careful preparation to score well. For that, you have to start before your exam preparation to get sufficient time to practice and revise.

Thane is a metropolitan city, and there are many famous temples to visit. If you or your children are studying in ICSE schools in thane, you have to motivate them and guide them on getting good marks in their board exam. As well as what you have been taught in your school, you want thorough preparation to achieve your desired results. Also, you want to drink and eat healthy food items to keep yourself very well for the exams ahead. Here is some guidance for every student appearing for the board exams.

Proper planning

Mumbai is a city with more population, if you are studying ICSE schools in Navi Mumbai for 11th and 12thyou want to achieve your goal so you have to be with perfection. And also the time management is constantly the input for success. It would help if you had to use your time efficiently for scoring well in your future exams. Make sure you increase the habit of separating time to every question. This idea will help you answer all your questions within the time structure. If you are answering the first few questions in detail that means you will not have enough time to answer the final questions.

Practice with Previous Year Question Papers     


Try to solve the questions papers with an examination situation, which will boost your speed for answering all questions. Practising with the previous year question papers, you can recognize the particular chapters or topics which are very important. This action will also help you realize the allocation of marks for different topics.


You have to practice daily because practice will give you confidence for everyone and it will also be suitable for students when it comes to examinations. For some subjects that want to do calculations like Mathematics and Physics, you have to work out and solve the problems by practising as much as possible.

Stay Healthy

Some students get so immersed in getting ready for the board exams that they will finish up eating a lot in tension. Make sure you have to keep away from such a situation by following a balanced diet, and you have to do exercising daily and get enough sleep. Following this method will play a very important role in learning when preparing for your board exams. Always remember that following a good diet and reaching a sound sleep will also help your brain function at an optimum stage.

Revise Well

Even if you are prepared well and practised with mock tests many times, revision is essential. You have to complete your full syllabus as early to have sufficient time for revision. Make sure you revise your topics at least twice before the examination.

Bottom line:

If you want to crack your board exam with a good score, you should not waste your time. You have to plan properly and practice. Remember that revision will make a huge difference to get a high score.

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